A twenty two year old from Devon.

Lady Pickett 💖

I will often chat shit.

All about metal, cats and pizza.

LSP is my spirit animal.

I like things and stuff.


if u ever purposefully hurt an animal in front of me i will punch u so fuckin fast ill break the fuckin sound barrier dont fuckin test me watch ur back pal

(via ruinedchildhood)

An ancient proverb

Jason Derulo
theimpossiblewoman asked: Happy birthday! It's my mom bday too :)


Thank you :3 all the best peoples birthdays are today! Haha! X

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee 🎉

My family are a little fucked up at times, a little rude and crude, a little loud and annoying… But honestly, they are the best family I could ever ask for and they sure know how to throw a surprise party!

I had a brill time!

Being blindfolded in the car, turn up to my house to see my sisters and nieces and nephews, boyfriend and best friends… Then later my grandparents and big sister :D

Love them all!

My birthday is tomorrow and I’m officially excited!

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